The last memory these men had, before they lost their lives on the battlefields of
World War 1, may have been of their last meal, a chat or a joke with comrades, even
a visit home with their loved one’s or the reading of a letter from their wife, girlfriend ,
a friend or even a family member.
Mostly all those who were killed or missing are buried near the battlefields where they
fell, very few returned home to the City, Town, Village or their native Countries.

2018 is the 100th Anniversary of the end of World War 1, to pay tribute to these men and women who made the
supreme sacrifice, we wanted to build something that anyone from any Country could participate from the oldest
to the youngest regardless of Ability, Ethnicity or Nationality.

These men fought on many battlefields all around the World, their graves are in cemeteries all over the World.
They are remembered on memorials in the Cities, Towns & Villages they came from or on memorials to those
who are listed as missing.

The Poppy of Honour 2018 memorial will bring them all together in one place so that family members and the
Commonwealth Countries they left behind can remember them collectively in the Poppy of Honour.

Through the glass you will be able to see the Poppies’ with the names of those who lost their lives, or are
listed as missing with no known grave.

The Poppy of Honour 2018 memorial is a collective tribute to their many acts of courage and sacrifice!

“They are not forgotten; They are here”