Information on Poppy

The Poppy of Honour is fully funded by private sponsorship and is currently under construction:

The measurements above are impressive, but to hold all 1,115,471 individual Remembrance Poppies’ it needed to
be large enough to hold all of the Poppies and the wooden box containing artifacts and small vials of soil from the
battlefields from every continent involved in World War 1.

The Poppy was designed so that it could be displayed indoor or outdoor with minimum effort to assemble.
The whole assembly is totally weatherproof and will take only 4 people to assemble or take apart.
The Poppy of Honour is self supporting so does not require any foundations, just a level area to allow assembly.

The whole structure will be shotblasted to clean the metal, then cold sprayed galvanised, primed and finally it
will be sprayed coated with an epoxy resin type paint to seal and protect the metal from corrosion.
When the Poppies’ are inside and the glass is sealed the air inside will be extracted and replaced with a gas to
preserve the Poppies’ and minimise discolouring.

The Poppy of Honour 2018 will be on display in Wincanton, Somerset near the A303.
The unvielling ceremony will be on Saturday 6th October 2018 at 11.00am.
On our Poppy location page click onto the red tear drop marker to reveal the display dates.
The unvielling ceremony is open to the public there are no tickets or viewing fee.

If would like to volunteer to write Names of those brave Men and Women who made the supreme sacrifice onto
Remembrance Poppies’.

Please to go on our Request Form page fill in the form with your Name, Full Postal Address and the amount of
Poppies’ you would like to complete in multiplies of 100.
We would like to take this oportunity to Thank you for your support and being part of the Poppy of Honour.

“They are not forgotten; They are here”